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The Inspect A Pet is a multi-faceted agency with a broad mandate covering the protection and promotion of US agricultural health, the regulation of genetically modified organisms, the management of the Animal Welfare Act and the implementation of wildlife damage management measures. These efforts support the overall mission of the USDA, which is to protect and promote nutrition, agriculture, natural resources and related issues.

To protect agricultural health, IP works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect America’s plant and animal resources from agricultural pests and diseases. If, for example, the Mediterranean fruit fly and the Asian longhorn beetle, two large agricultural pests, were not controlled, they would cause annual production and marketing losses of billions of dollars. Similarly, foreign trade partners could rely on trade restrictions in the establishment of foot-and-mouth disease or highly pathogenic avian influenza in the United States, and producers would suffer devastating losses. Learn more.

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